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Debian 12 & new PBS server

By Jan 2024 we set up a new frontend zenith running on Debian 12. Currently there is only a few new computing nodes with Debian 12.

The rest of currently used computing nodes will be upgraded to Debian 12 in the near future.

At the same time, we are preparing to transfer from PBS Pro to Open PBS.

A new Open PBS server is up and running.

In the future the PBS Pro servers and will be decommissioned and their workload will be transferred to only.


  • new frontend (alias with Debian 12
  • see which are computing nodes with Debian 12
  • new PBS server default for zenith frontend
  • default user homes for zenith are on /storage/brno12-cerit/

Use new PBS from any frontend

Example: Send a job from skirit to scheduler

user@skirit:~$ module add openpbs        # this is necessarry!
user@skirit:~$ qsub -q -I -l select=1:ncpus=1 -l walltime=1:00:00
user@zenon1:~$ ...        ; exit         # do your job and exit               
user@skirit:~$ module rm openpbs         # if you want to get back PBSPro ("old" planners)

The module openpbs is needed also for other operations, e.g. probing for the job's state:

user@skirit:~$ module add openpbs 
user@skirit:~$ qstat -u user123      

Python on Debian 12

  • typing "python" on zenith will get you 3.x.x version of Python
  • if you need some 2.x.x version of Python, you have to add it through a module (module avail python/)

Missing libraries

Try module add debian11/compat if you run into "library XY: no such file or directory" type of problem.

If this does not help, contact us at