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module avail geneious/

Geneious is an integrated, cross-platform bioinformatics software suite for manipulating, finding, sharing, and exploring biological data such as DNA sequences or proteins, phylogenies, 3D structure information and publications. It features sequence alignment and phylogenetic analysis, contig assembly, primer design and restriction analysis, access to the NCBI and UniProt databases, BLAST, protein structure viewing, automated PubMed searching and more.


Geneious release R7 (version 7.1.5): module geneious-7.1.5

  • Geneious release R7 (version 7.0.3): module geneious-R7
  • a license purchased by CERIT-SC Centre allowing 2 simultaneous runs (available for all the MetaVO users)


When requesting a job that will use the application, do not forget to ask the scheduler for starting the job when an application license is available, i.e., submit the job with e.g. qsub -l select=1:ncpus=X:... -l geneious=1 when requesting a single license to be available.