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Finished jobs

Last 24 hours

Use qstat -x command.

To include in qstat also finished (F) and moved (M) jobs, use -x option:

qstat -x -u user123 # list all jobs for user user123 including the finished ones

The finished jobs are displayed only if they are max. 24 hours old.


Use pbs-get-job-history custom command.

Users can get complex information about their current or historical (several months) batch jobs. For this there exists custom command pbs-get-job-history, which is available on all frontends and compute nodes and extracts the following information:

  • complete batch job (submitted shell script)
  • standard output and standard error files
  • various technical logs

Basic usage is:

pbs-get-job-history job_ID

When the job history is found, individual files are stored in one folder named by its jobid.

Example of the output:

user123@elmo:~$ pbs-get-job-history  Job found

Storing job data in ./  # Process identification number (PID)                   # Standard error                   # PBS parameters in binary format, not human readable               # PBS parameters in text format, readable             # PBS logs                   # Standard output                   # Original user's shell script               # System logs from the computing node


The pbs-get-job-history utility does not retrieve input data and job results (they are not stored anywhere).


Output for interactive jobs does not contain .ER, .OU and .SC files