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Default queues

Queues are a basic concept of PBS. When submitting a job, the user normally does not have to specify any queue. There exists a default queue, namely where the job goes if not specified otherwise. Then it is automatically sorted to respective queues based on duration of the job (walltime).

Specific queues

In some cases, it is possible or even recommended that the user choses a particular queue. This is the case when the job is characterized not by walltime as a major limiting factor, but by another resource - memory, GPU usage etc.

Queue name Description Jobs requiring at least 1 GPU, up to 24 hours walltime Jobs requiring at least 1 GPU, up to 2 weeks walltime Jobs requiring 500 GB or more, up to 1 week walltime Jobs optimized to run on Intel Phi architecture Jobs requiring >100 CPUs OR >500 GB of memory, accessible only from zuphux frontend

Queue info by qstat

The qstat command provides info about queues and jobs.


qstat -q  # get list of queues and their properties 
qstat -Q  # dtto, different format

To see details for a selected queue, use:

qstat -Q -f queue_name@server_name

Example of output of qstat -Q -f

(BUSTER)user123@skirit:~$ qstat -Q -f
Queue: gpu_long
    queue_type = Execution
    Priority = 66
    total_jobs = 24
    state_count = Transit:0 Queued:14 Held:0 Waiting:0 Running:10 Exiting:0 Beg
    max_queued = [u:PBS_GENERIC=2000]
    resources_max.ngpus = 99
    resources_max.walltime = 336:00:00
    resources_min.mem = 50mb
    resources_min.ncpus = 1
    resources_min.ngpus = 1
    resources_default.ngpus = 0
    comment = Queue for long time computations on GPU|Fronta pro dlouhodob\u00e
    9 v\u00fdpo\u010dty na GPU
    default_chunk.queue_list = q_gpu_long
    resources_assigned.mem = 1760gb
    resources_assigned.mpiprocs = 124
    resources_assigned.ncpus = 124
    resources_assigned.nodect = 10
    max_run_res.ncpus = [u:PBS_GENERIC=200]
    backfill_depth = 2
    enabled = True
    started = True

In this particular queue, no jobs can run unless they require at least 1 GPU (resources_min.ngpus).