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Frontend node are not intended for heavy computing. Frontends should be used only for preparing inputs, data pre- and postprocessing, managing batch jobs, light compiling and testing.

Frontend address Aliased as Native home OS Physically located in Note /storage/brno12-cerit Debian 12 Brno,,,,
/storage/plzen1 Debian 12 Plzen /storage/brno2 Debian 12 Brno /storage/praha1 Debian 12 Praha,
/storage/brno2 Debian 12 Brno /storage/liberec3-tul Debian 12 Liberec /storage/pruhonice1-ibot Debian 12 Pruhonice /storage/brno12-cerit CentOS 7.9 Brno Serves solely as a frontend to submit to uv queue(s) from /storage/praha5-elixir Debian 12 Praha Dedicated to Elixir users /storage/brno2 Debian 12 Brno Reserved to access oven node only /storage/praha1 Debian 12 Praha Reserved for FZU users