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Job arrays

The job array is submitted as:

# general command
$ qsub -J X-Y[:Z]
# example
$ qsub -J 2-7:2

X is first index of a job, Y is upper border of an index and Z in optional parameter of an index step, therefore the example command will generate subjobs with indexes 2,4,6.

The job array is represented by a single job whose job number is followed by "[]", this main job provides an overview of unfinished sub jobs.

$ qstat -f 969390'[]' -x | grep array\_state\_count
array_state_count = Queued:0 Running:0 Exiting:0 Expired:0 

An example of sub job ID is 969390[1]

The sub job can be queried by a qstat command (qstat -t).

PBS uses PBS_ARRAY_INDEX variable inside of a sub job. The varibale PBS_ARRAY_ID contains job ID of the main job.