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PBSmon (shorthand from "PBS monitor") is a web frontend where

  • live data concerning jobs, computing nodes and queues can be found,
  • useful qsub assembler is available to users,
  • specifications of hardware in use is collected,
  • news and outages are published,
  • user quota overview can be found,
  • license agreements for licensed software are available, as well as
  • some other useful links concerning account management and other miscella.

PBSmon is optional tool for Metacentrum users

PBSmon is not necessary for logging in, neither it is essential for full-featured usage of Metacentrum grid services. In principle all information displayed by PBSmon can be obtained through commandline interface. Similarly, all tasks connected with account management can be conducted via the Perun user management system. If you are new to Metacentrum, you can skip exploring the PBSmon service for now; later, as the list and complexity of your jobs grows, you will probably find it more useful.

Live data - jobs, queues, nodes

Live data concerning current state of jobs, queues, nodes and physical machines can be found under the Current state tab.

qsub assembler

An interactive PBS parameter selection tool (shortly as qsub assembler) can be found under the Current state -> Qsub assembler tab.

Using this tool, users can assemble a set of parameters required for their job and see which machines match to their selection criteria and how busy the nodes are at the moment. Additionally, they get a line of the qsub command in correct syntax that can be used in a copy-and-paste way.

News and outages

Planned changes in MetaCentrum infrastructure, such as PBS parameters changes, new hardware, planned shutdowns, are listed under the Current affairs -> News tab.

Unplanned outages, failures and emergencies are found under the Current affairs -> Outages tab.

User quotas

Current state of user quotas can be found under the My account -> Quotas overview tab.

Licensed software

Some software installed in Metacentrum is licensed. Only users with confirmed aggreement to the license can use this software.

List of licenses can be found under the My account -> License tab. Clicking on any of the software listed will redirect you to Perun interface.

Once is enough

For a particular software (or particular version of the software) you need to approve the license only once. After that, you should under your user profile in Perun be able so see a new group called lic_SW_NAME. For example, after you approve the license of Orca, you will be added to lic_orca user group.