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PBS commands

The most relevant native PBS commands (and related options) are:

  • qsub - submit the job
  • qmove - move the job to another queue
  • qdel - delete a waiting or running job
  • qstat - view current state of jobs
  • pbsnodes - get info about current node(s) state and their properties


Basic command to submit a job.


The qdel command deletes a queing or running job.


qdel job_ID # basic usage
qdel -W force job_ID # use if normal qdel does not work ("stuck" jobs)


The qmove command moves a job to another queue.

Jobs can only be moved from one server to another if they are in the Q (queued), H (held), or W (waiting) states, and only if there are no running subjobs. A job in the Running (R), Transiting (T), or Exiting (E) state cannot be moved.


qmove # move job to a queue


qstat command probes the state of jobs and queues mainly. See sections Queues in Meta

For detailed options list, see man qstat.