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A complete list of storages can be found in table below:

Server Directory Backup
Note /storage/brno2/ 2 /storage/brno11-elixir/ 2 dedicated to ELIXIR-CZ /storage/brno12-cerit/ 2 /storage/plzen1/ 2 /storage/plzen4-ntis/ 3 dedicated to iti/kky groups /storage/praha2-natur/ 0 /storage/praha6-fzu/ 0 /storage/praha5-elixir/ 3 /storage/budejovice1/ 3 /storage/liberec3-tul/ 0 /storage/pruhonice1-ibot/ 3 /storage/vestec1-elixir/ 2 also /storage/praha1/
Backup class Description
0 No backup.
2 Snapshot backups once a day. Stored on the same HW as primary data. Provides protection against unintentional data removal. Does not provide protection against hardware failure.
3 Snapshot backups plus a backup copy. Copy resides on different hardware. Provides protection against unintentional data removal as well as hardware failure.

Backup policy for storages

All storages are backed up once a day (normally between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m.), by snapshot backup. There backups are kept for 2 weeks. For a more complete understanding of how the data are backed up in MetaCentrum service, see the corresponding chapter.


User data are moved from time to time when hardware is replaced. See table of decommissioned storages to track back where your old data have been moved to.