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Decommissioned storages

For reference we keep also some history of decomissioned storages and where the data have been moved to, see table below.

Decomissioned servers Root directory Due date Note /storage/brno3-cerit/ Jan 2024 data moved to /storage/brno12-cerit/home/USERNAME/brno3/;
symlink /storage/brno3-cerit/home/LOGIN/ is only temporary! /storage/jihlava1-cerit/ --- data archived to /storage/brno4-cerit-hsm/fineus,,
symlink /storage/jihlava1-cerit/ /storage/plzen2-archive/ --- /storage/brno4-cerit-hsm/ --- data archived to /storage/brno1-cerit/ /storage/brno5-archive/ --- /storage/brno6/ --- /storage/brno7-cerit/ --- data archived to /storage/brno1-cerit/ /storage/praha4-fzu/ --- /storage/plzen3-kky/ --- /storage/praha1/ --- /storage/jihlava2-archive/ --- /storage/brno8/ --- data moved to /storage/brno2/home/USERNAME/brno8 /storage/brno9-ceitec/ --- /storage/brno10-ceitec-hsm/ ---