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I cannot access storage directories despite being logged in on a frontend

If you get the error of the type

(BUSTER)user123@skirit:~$ pwd
(BUSTER)user123@skirit:~$ cd /storage/brno12-cerit
-bash: cd: /storage/brno12-cerit: Permission denied

check by klist command whether you have a valid Kerberos ticket (link na sekci s kerberos a pristupem)

(BUSTER)user123@skirit:~$ klist
klist: No ticket file: /tmp/krb5cc_6446_oBfuZ2

If no Kerberos ticket is found, generate a new one by kinit command

(BUSTER)user123@skirit:~$ kinit

The validity of Kerberos tickets is limited to 10 hours. If you stay logged in for longer time, the ticket will expire. You can renew the ticket by kinit command, however it is a good practice to log out after you finish work for the day.