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Grid infrastructure

Frontends and storages

A frontend is a single machine intended for user logins and ligh pre- and post-processing of data.

A storage is a large disc array where user data (user home directories) are kept.

Storage names

Storages are named according to their physical location (city) + number.

As there is not one huge storage, but several large and loosely interconnected storages, users have access to several different home directories.

Every frontend has a /home directory mounted to one of the storages, e.g. /home of frontend is mounted on /storage/brno2/home, so when an user is logged on skirit, the commands ls ~ and ls /storage/brno2/home/user123 are equivalent.

A frontend has a native home directory on one, and only one, storage; however this is not true the other way round: a home directory on a certain storage may be mounted by more than one frontend:

user123@user123-XPS-13-9370:~$ ssh 
(BULLSEYE)user123@nympha:~$ pwd
/storage/plzen1/home/user123   # "plzen1" is native storage for "nympha" frontend
(BULLSEYE)user123@nympha:~$ exit 
user123@user123-XPS-13-9370:~$ ssh
(BULLSEYE)user123@minos:~$ pwd
/storage/plzen1/home/user123   # "plzen1" is native storage also for "minos" frontend

The overall schema can be summed up as shown below:

Frontends, storages and homes connection

Transition between storages is possible no matter which frontend an user is logged to. To get to a certain home directory, user does not need to log on a specific frontend. Users can change their home directories by cd command.

For example, assume that frontend is down and you want to access brno2 storage:

user123@user123-XPS-13-9370:~$ ssh # login to "tarkil" instead
(BULLSEYE)user123@tarkil:~$ pwd
/storage/praha1/home/user123   # I am on "praha1" storage, but need "brno2"
(BULLSEYE)user123@tarkil:~$ cd /storage/brno2/home/user123 # change to home on "brno2" storage
(BULLSEYE)user123@tarkil:/storage/brno2/home/user123$ pwd 
/storage/brno2/home/user123 # I am now on "brno2" storage

A complete list of storages can be found in table below:

Server Root directory Note /storage/brno1-cerit/ /storage/brno2/ /storage/brno11-elixir/ dedicated to ELIXIR-CZ /storage/brno12-cerit/ /storage/budejovice1/ /storage/du-cesnet/ archive storage for all MetaCentrum users /storage/liberec3-tul/ /storage/plzen1/ /storage/plzen4-ntis/ dedicated to iti/kky groups /storage/praha2-natur/ /storage/praha6-fzu/ /storage/praha5-elixir/ /storage/pruhonice1-ibot/ /storage/vestec1-elixir/,

Backup policy for storages

All storages are backed up once a day (normally between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m.), by snapshot backup. There backups are kept for 2 weeks. For a more complete understanding of how the data are backed up in MetaCentrum service, see #working-with-data chapter.

Scratch storages

Scratch storage is a storage for temporary files for running job. This storage should be used only during computations and should be freed immediately after your job ends. The location of scratch directory is defined by a system variable SCRATCHDIR. Scratch types

We offer four types of scratch storage:

    available on every node, located on regular hard disc
    choose this type as a default if you have no reason to do otherwise
    integer type, submitted as scratch_local=10gb
    located in /scratch/USERNAME/job_JOBID
    located on small SSD disc
    ultra fast (compared to local scratch), but smaller in volume
    integer type, submitted as scratch_ssd=1gb
    not available on all computational nodes!
    to check for availability on a particular node: go to -> choose a node -> search for scratch_ssd in a gray table
    recommended in jobs where the bottleneck is disc-related operations (applications that create/read a lot of files)
    located in /scratch.ssd/USERNAME/job_JOBID
    network volume which is shared between all clusters in a given location (city)
    read/write operation slower than on local scratch
    useful if you need to run more than one application that need access to the same data
    integer type, submitted as scratch_shared=10gb
    not available on all computational nodes!
    to check for availability on a particular node: go to -> choose a node -> search for scratch_shared in a gray table
    mounted to directory /scratch.shared/USERNAME/job_JOBID
    scratch directory is in RAM
    fastest, but data on scratch do not survive the end/failure of the job
    use when you need ultra fast scratch AND when you absolutely don't care about data from failed/killed/ended jobs
    boolean type, submitted as scratch_shm=true
    maximum size of scratch is defined by mem (memory) parameter
    remember to choose mem large enough (to hold both data in scratch and the actual memory requirements for the job)
    mounted to directory /dev/shm/scratch.shm/USERNAME/job_JOBID

No default scratch

For a batch job, you must set the size and type of scratchdir! There is no default type of scratch.

Directory SCRATCHDIR is not writable, only it's content is. Therefore you cannot e.g. do rm -rf $SCRATCHDIR, but you can rm -rf $SCRATCHDIR/*.

Users should always clear the content of scratch directory after the job ends to free disc space. Otherwise, this directory will be automatically deleted after 14 days at most (earlier if there is lack of space on disks).


Submit batch job with 100 GB scratch on local disc:

qsub -l select=1:ncpus=1:mem=4gb:scratch_local=100gb

Submit interactive job with 20 GB memory and scratch in RAM:

qsub -I -l select=1:ncpus=1:mem=20gb:scratch_shm=true

Submit batch job with 1 GB of scratch on SSD disc:

qsub -l select=1:ncpus=1:mem=4gb:scratch_ssd=1gb

System variables

    location of scratch directory
    echo $SCRATCHDIR
    type of scratch directory
    echo $SCRATCH_TYPE
    size of scratch directory

Decomissioned storages

For reference we keep also some history of decomissioned storages and where the data have been moved to, see table below.

Decomissioned servers Root directory Note /storage/jihlava1-cerit/ data archived to /storage/brno4-cerit-hsm/fineus,,
symlink /storage/jihlava1-cerit/ /storage/plzen2-archive/ /storage/brno4-cerit-hsm/ data archived to /storage/brno1-cerit/ /storage/brno5-archive/ /storage/brno6/ /storage/brno7-cerit/ data archived to /storage/brno1-cerit/ /storage/praha4-fzu/ /storage/plzen3-kky/ /storage/praha1/ /storage/jihlava2-archive/ /storage/brno8/ data moved to /storage/brno2/home/USERNAME/brno8 /storage/brno9-ceitec/ /storage/brno10-ceitec-hsm/